Our company

Clean Diesel Australia was developed to solve a problem - Diesel Bug!

With the increase in use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and the associated problems of increased Diesel Bug, a need was identified. Easy to install diesel tank access hatches and ports and cleaning systems combining different filters and treatments were invented to ensure user friendly fuel tank maintenance and a trouble free fuel system.

Clean Diesel works on the following principles:

- Responding with innovative solutions to identified problems

- Combining technologies for maximum effectiveness

- Using premium products and providing a lifetime guarantee


"I can absolutely recommend this solution from Clean Diesel.  After my engine failure experience, if I were to purchase another boat, sail or power, the first thing I would do is check it had tank access and if it did not I would fit Clean Diesel Tank Access Ports." Cameron Berg

"The service and expertise offered to us by Clean Diesel was something we had not experienced in the marine industry before.  They were not like other marine tradesmen who rob you blind and provide second class workmanship, Clean Diesel were there to solve your problem at a realistic price.  They only used high quality components in delivering a long term solution to a issue that had obviously been ongoing for some time." Luke Higgins SV Luna Azul